Data & Analytics

Your greatest gift or worst nightmare?

Let our Corpsulting model help you with your challenges and opportunities.


We partner with you to transform your business through Data, Governance, Analytics & Insights.

We know the journey is hard.
We know it, as we were you or supported someone like you during our corporate roles.
Let us help you overcome your challenges and maximize your opportunities.




CxO's are being asked to do more with less. And you have big plans.

CxO's face ever-increasing demand from customers and stakeholders, with time and resources in dwindling supply and managerial patience at an all-time low.

Executing effectively and efficiently requires an understanding of the business's people, processes, ownership, regulatory and market conditions that few of us ever receive the time or tools to develop.

That's where Khyanafi comes in.
Our Corpsulting approach engages mid/senior-level leaders with prior experience in global corporations in a consulting capacity.

If you are a...

Chief Data

You know that data in the business setting...

Chief Risk

You aspire to have a clear view of...

Chief Financial

You get financial performance reports...

Chief Information

You have numerous challenges and opportunities than ever before...

Chief Marketing

Your customers are everywhere and their preferences many...

Chief Operations

You need to keep your customers and employees satisfied...


Data & Risk Leader
Transition Accelerators

New executives face many challenges...

Chief Data Office
Enablement Services

The real struggle when launching a CDO initiative...

M&A - Data Strategy
Evaluation & Integration

The lack of comprehensive evaluations...

Interim Executive Placement
Chief Data Officer

When gaps in essential data leadership arise...


Every business faces Opportunities (big & small), Challenges (mild to moderate) and Problems (major threats) that are all interrelated. As a result, we have structured our management consulting services around five related competencies that will help you tackle your toughest problems and draw massive benefits from your opportunities.

Business-Technology & Digital

Business functions must leverage technology to achieve rapid progress against strategic goals. But technology must also exist to serve the business's needs. Find out more on how we can help you with your Business-Technology journey.

Data & Advanced Analytics

Data is the modern business's currency. Khyanafi helps provides timely, actionablle, and insightful analytics that help you meet growing expectations from Customers, Employees, Shareholders, Board, and Regulators.

Strategic Process Improvement

The "Ain't broke, don't fix it" approach no longer works. In a competitive landscape, defined by total customer awareness and rapid market shifts, strategic innovation is the only way to grow.  

Khyanafi helps our clients realize exponential business growth options through process automation and controls made possible via technology's digital transformation.

Governance & Controls

When the right safeguards are in place, your business is able to take sensible risks, protect its employees, customers and shareholders and be efficient.

Khyanafi's Governance & Controls services help companies implement monitoring and feedback mechanisms that allow the organization to perform at optimum speed.

Organizational Design

Today's organizations are fluid in nature. Distributed teams, remote employees, and managed services are a reality.

Based on direct experience defining and growing large teams within global companies, Khyanafi works with you to define options that improve organizational design.

Get in touch to find out how we can help you realize your vision and plans for this year