The Chief Data Office and role of the Chief Data Officer are relatively new concepts and gaining traction across all sectors: Commercial, Non-profits, Education and the Government

The innate purpose of the office and position is to unlock and harness the intelligence hidden in the data through harvesting reliable data and analytics, thus propelling growth and positioning data as an asset. As companies are realizing the benefits, the required attention from the C-Suite is flowing in. However, much needs to be done to tap into this possibility.

In addition to attention, as in any initiative that is transformational in nature, establishing and implementing a successful CDO function takes investment, time, a willingness to challenge established norms and practices, and the right know-how.

The role of a Chief Data Officer is a business role, but for the program to be a success, wide-spread Business-Technology expertise is required as the expectations are high and the function must cover all aspects of the business while having a sound grasp of platform, technology and data challenges / opportunities within the business structure.

We understand that it is difficult to find candidates with the suitable background and in many situations it makes more sense to groom someone from within the company. Even if you find the right person to lead the initiative, the know-how, planning, effort and cross-functional knowledge required to define and shape a program that is suited for your organization should not be underestimated.

Based on years of experience from working through situations similar to yours, we are uniquely positioned to help you with your CDO needs

  • organization & function
  • data governance
  • data quality
  • roadmap & program

Setting up the right organization is foundational for building a well-thought out and impactful Chief Data Office program

We work with you to define the global and function level big-picture data aspirations of your company as it relates to your business-value-chain and unique company situation.

A sample set of engagement activities under this category include:

    • Sponsor & executive interviews
    • Stakeholder, SME and champions identification
    • Functional overlap analysis across various Business and IT areas
    • Based on information gathered from interviews and assessments, identify organizational reporting structure for CDO
    • Evaluate current state challenges with data, analytics, platform, delivery and usage
    • Identify and capture regulatory and compliance impacts
    • Analysis of data owners, producers and consumers and any external impacts
    • Define the operating set-up, within the business unit and across parent / holding company structures as applicable
    • Communication strategy, high-level definition of roles and responsibilities, reporting and escalation process as well as defining domain-level authority for decisions related to data
    • Interview and identify potential candidates from within the organization / externally for key CDO positions

Many of these items will be revisited and modified as needed, during the Data Governance roll-out phase. 

The Chief Data Office is also responsible for ownership, oversight or direct management of the following:

  • Data Strategy
  • Architecture
  • Information Life-cycle Management
  • Process Governance & Controls
  • MIS / Reporting / Analytics

These are covered under our Data Management Services offering under Data & Advanced Analytics section

It is better to manage the business ownership, direction, decision and governance aspects of these items under the CDO group, and to partner closely with IT for the technical / implementation aspects and with Business teams for MIS / Reporting usage, adoption and transformation. This will ensure close alignment with long-term business strategy. But we strongly stress the importance of setting up a model that will work best for your company situation determined by organizational overlap / delineation, available talent level and appetite for change.

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