An alternative to traditional consulting. When the difference between achieving success or failure hinges on know-how and perception from real experience.



We understand that your talent requirements will vary. Our corpsulting services are aligned to deliver maximum results in the shortest time-frame. We work as part of your team or partner with you to build your program in a cloud environment, ready to be transferred to you when you are willing to take over.

Talent For The Trenches

Your situation may require 1 or 10 people. Our unique "1Team/1Goal" approach to delivering data and analytics initiatives in partnership with you, your internal leaders, teams, and vendor groups will maximize your exciting opportunities and overcome troublesome challenges.

Data-Enabled Insights

Focused on small/medium business enterprises (SMEs) and private equity firms and their portfolio companies (PEs), we work with you to enable complete Build-Operate-Transfer model or a shared delivery approach on cloud to accelerate insights-driven transformation.

KHYANA5D approach used in most engagements to accelerate expanded organizational reach of generated outcomes

Main Benefits of our Corpsulting Offering

  • Quick Ramp-Up
    Our Corpsultants leading your project have experience managing complex Data and Analytics work during their corporate career. This allows us to consider challenges and overall impact across the company.
  • Purpose-built PODS
    The corpsulting PODS we create for you are purpose-built, based on your immediate situation, short-term requirements, and near-term opportunities while considering long-term strategic direction of your company and the industry sector.  
  • Direct Representation
    We represent you, the client leader. You may have multiple-vendors working across your initiatives and we make it easier for you to work with us through pass-through arrangements.
  • Zero-Admin Time
    Our model holds zero-to-low administrative overheads and we can be part of your extended leadership team to get things moving across your teams, multiple vendors, and business stakeholders.

We help you where conventional consulting doesn't work. 

Take the easy route with Corpsulting