Data, analytics, and cloud adoption are determining business survival and growth. Do not be left behind due to fear of the unknown, as help is readily available.



How are you positioned to ensure sustainability and growth?

Start-ups are challenging and disrupting an entire industry/sector and taking away large-chunks of customer-base and market-share from established players, competing solely on data and their ability to leverage insights at the point of making decisions.

Size and tenure do not guarantee a company's longevity anymore, but strategic innovation with adaptability and agility does. And cloud-enabled data and analytics modernization is a critical part of that journey.

We understand that it can be overwhelming to keep up with the ever-changing advances in this area, and you are wondering, is there a better way?

Our Build-Operate-Transition (BOT) approach helps you get started the right way, rapidly deliver results in increments, and work to establish a transition plan back to your teams to enable long-term sustainability.

Managed Cloud Data and Insights for Small/Medium Enterprises and Private Equity Firms

A three-step process. Start where you are.

Step 1: Manage Your Data

Managing data need not be complicated, and good functional data practices can be learned. All it needs is a commitment to do it right, the willingness to change, and a trusted partner who has done it professionally. 

We work with you and your teams on the business and technology sides to assess the current state while evaluating stakeholder aspirations to transform the business with data/analytics. Together we chart out a realistic phased-approach.

This process will include identifying data, sourcing strategies, moving to the cloud, and setting up a repeatable and efficient operation. 

We partner with you to pick the right cloud platform for your situation (AWS/AZURE/GCP/Snowflake). We then design the architecture, one that can scale and evolve to meet your business's changing needs and adapt to leverage new technologies, processes, and tools.

Good data practices will be included across all stages of handling data and come with the right data quality, foundational and operational data governance, data privacy, and security with agile delivery build into the processes.

Step 2: Generate Insights

Identifying, sourcing, processing, and storing data is only part of the work. It is meaningless work if relevant and actionable insights are not generated and used at the right time and point of decision-making.

Your subject matter experts and business-functional leaders depend on having reliable metrics, reports, visualization, and analytical models in place. Having this will help them make the right decisions, efficiently manage operational processes, identify, manage, and mitigate risk, keep your customers happy, and buy more from you.

Wherever your company is in this journey of data-enablement, we bring our decades of experience to drive successful data/analytics adoption to you, help remove obstacles, transform your current state, and accelerate adoption.

Step 3: Enable Company-wide Transformation and Growth

Technology is a powerful enabler. All the effort and investments that you make in data/analytics must help position your company for growth. Translating the information to relevant insights requires talent to view these inputs differently and come up with unconventional ideas.

Our team of former business-functional leaders from global corporations across the manufacturing and consumer finance sectors can work with your leadership group to assist with firm-wide transformation and growth leveraging your data assets.

We Help You Where Conventional Consulting Doesn't Work.