Data Talent Advancement

The talent you bring in, the organization you design, and your efforts to develop your people and teams determine your vision's realization. Leverage our experience to hire, enable, and advance your data talent.



Talent Search

Are you surprised when the search for suitable data talent is more prolonged, or you don't find the right candidate?

When you work with talent search firms with no direct experience managing data initiatives, building teams, hiring outstanding talent, or creating the right data organization, chances are you may end up bringing sub-par expertise into your company.

If you are wondering if there is a better way, there is.

Organizational Design

Getting suitable talent into the team is only the first step towards thriving with data.

The right set-up, a.k.a organizational design, structure, and process flow, is required to enable fruitful results.

Modern organizations are fluid. Your company priorities, customer needs, and market drivers change, and your organizational design must adapt to accommodate and leverage those changes.

Leadership and Team Development

A company's ability to thrive with data is not determined by just having the latest architecture, technology stack, or the most significant budget.

The secret of success lies with having a talented team of data/analytics producers and consumers who work well together - a side that can maximize opportunities and overcomes challenges.

Along with business, technology, and process skills, the need for emotional intelligence is at an all-time high.

To enable this result, we leverage Wiley's industry-leading tools.

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