Financial Services

Delivering Growth through Governance

Regulations and compliance mandates are the new norm

But they don't have to be a burden

If approached with clarity and unwavering support from the senior management, the investments in governance and controls can be used to drive overall business performance and growth, while remaining in compliance with regulatory mandates.

Yes, financial institutions can reap wide-spread benefits from investments made in the regulatory and compliance initiatives

The common thread is generally based on the following questions:

  • Do we know what we are doing?
  • Do we have the right level of controls and process maturity as we execute our business with our customers?
  • Are we protecting customer data the right way?
  • Can we document and show our work?
  • Are we aware of the risks involved, and are we managing / mitigating it the right way and at the right levels?
  • Are we confident in our ability to measure and convey the real situation to our customers, employees, shareholders, investors and the general public in a timely manner?
  • Are we set-up with our infrastructure, processes, reporting, analytics (leading and predictive), management oversight and controls to the levels that are commensurate with the risks we carry as a business? 

All of these are good corporate governance requirements and the activities supporting these do not have to be performed in isolation from those that are needed for the overall betterment of the company

The Khyanafi leadership team has spent decades in the Financial Services sector, working as part of large global financial corporations and in key leadership positions, either in the CxO-levels or as a “Direct-Report” to a CxO. With management experience during times of heightened regulatory and compliance oversight, (think Dodd-Frank, SCRA, Patriot Act, CCAR, BCBS FAS 239, GLBA and GDPR), this team of experts is also experienced in the following areas of AML, OFAC, World Check, SAR, Investor reporting, SEC reporting, and data requests from DOJ, OCC, State, Federal and ECB regulators.

Khyanafi’s Principal Consultants and Directors will help you meet and surpass your strategic business goals in the following areas:

  • Consumer Banking
    • Retail Banking / Branch Administration / Mobile Banking
    • Student Lending
    • Auto Finance
    • Credit Cards
    • Mortgage Banking & Servicing
  • Commercial
    • Dealer Services and Financing
    • Small Business
  • Capital Markets
  • Merchant Payment Processing

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