Create the results you want with the people you have, with our proven expertise.
Work with us for a flexible team-based pool of advisors to drive quick results.

Is there an easy way to engage top data talent on a fractional basis? Without breaking your budget?

What if you want to work with talented senior leaders and experts who have been where you are now or supported someone like you during their corporate career?

When you or your team need a coach, a sounding board, an advisor, a trusted confidant for guidance, a sanity check, validation, constructive criticism, or that extra-push to move through barriers or even a flexible talent pool, we are here for you.

We use a unique team-based model that leverages business-technology leadership expertise from our corporate careers. Combine your existing talent pool, with our extensive experience, and you have realistic, achievable results without paying out heavily for external consulting help. 

We ask the tough questions, provide expert advice, groom your internal talent, find the answers for your situation, and work along with you to deliver outstanding results.

Fractional Advisory Services option brings in high-level data talent to help your team across several areas:

  • Data Leadership and Organization Design / Re-design
  • Data Strategy, Analysis, Solution/Data Architecture, and Reference Data Management
  • Data Enablement and Data Literacy (Data Governance, Data Quality, Data Privacy/Classification, Tools & Technology, and Data Councils)
  • Cloud Data Strategy and Solutions (Migrate/Design/Build)
  • Business Analytics, Digital Transformation, and Automation

How critical is it for you to #Winwithdata? 

 Let your drive determine how you want to work with us.


Support for the data leader

  • 1-meeting per week.
  • 12-month package.
  • Unlimited emails and direct messaging.
  • Included: Four hours per month. No carry over

Support for data leader

  • 2-meetings per week.
  • 6 or 12-month package. 
  • Unlimited emails and direct messaging.
  • Included: Eight hours per month. No carry over

We help you where conventional consulting doesn't work. 

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