Congratulations Data Leader. 

The initial weeks/months in your new role matters in a BIG way!!

As a newly appointed data leader, you knew what you would be dealing with:

  1. Heightened expectations from peers, executives, and regulators
  2. Considerable internal and external challenges
  3. Plenty of opportunities to make lasting change in the way the company functions, serves customers and grows in a competitive market.
  4. All this with little time to make an impact, limited budget, competing for talent, and ever-changing technology, data, and analytics landscape.

How will you get a head-start and set yourself for success?

The Unconventional Survival Guide
for New Data Leaders

Access the guide to gather valuable insights that will help you rapidly transition and succeed in your new role.
Completely written from direct experience leading transformation through Data & Analytics.

Why the "Unconventional Guide" and a cautious lesson

This guide focuses on you as the data leader and starts with a cautious lesson from the trenches. You do not want to make the same mistakes.

What situation did I get myself into?

Every situation and company is different, even if you are a seasoned data leader. So, what did you inherit in yiour new role?

Focus Area I: The Business of Data Leadership

Data leadership is vastly different from data expertise. What got you here will not take you forward. How to anticipate challenges and opportunities as you begin your new role?

Focus Area II: Functional Components

In any new role, there are a few areas you want to cover early on. Ignore them, you will be in for a lot of surprises that impede progress. What do you need to start gaining clarity around?

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