Higher Education

Opportunity in a Changing Market

Managing an institution of higher education is a tough job

Managing with all around excellence - a herculean task

The challenges faced by colleges and universities are numerous. To cite a few operational issues...

  • Budgets are being cut
  • Competition from other free and tuition-based institutions for student enrollment and hiring of lecturers & professors is on the rise
  • Facilities need to be constantly upgraded or expanded
  • Academic programs need to be upgraded or completely revamped to keep pace with industry 
  • ​Institution-Industry connections need to be improved through alumni outreach and career-services engagements
  • ​Financial health needs to be maintained through cost and space optimization without impacting education quality or campus safety
  • ​Technology infrastructure should be expanded 

And if we consider what Colleges and Universities need to do...

  • Improve student retention and reduce attrition
  • Establish a system of continuous monitoring and improvement that enhances student learning and graduation rates 
  • Capture data and insightful analytics on student interest, admissions, academics, courses enrollment and performance, student demographics, attendance and graduation
  • Promote a collaborative environment across feeder schools and 4-year universities for performance management across FTIACS and Transfers
  • Help manage economic hardship for students through a combination of grants, assistantships and low-cost financing options

Khyanafi offers Directors and Principal consultants who have experience working for institutions like yours, leading transformational programs to enhance overall institutional efficiency and performance.

Bringing our deep-rooted industry experience to deliver business-technology solutions to learning institutions is a way of saying thanks, and a little something we can do to contribute to the betterment of education for future generations.

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