An unconventional approach that yields lasting results. We enlist clients who can work as partners to generate better outcomes.

more than a framework

three parts working as one

A perfect blend of Corporate and Consulting

Our Corpsulting Model blends the know-how and pragmatism from corporate roles with fresh perspectives and agility consistent with consulting for data leaders to deliver results rapidly.

Corporate Experience

Senior and mid-level leaders with broad experience leading data analytics initiatives across global corporations

Khyana5D Method

Our 5-point method for achieving sustainable outcome with data that can transform your business

1Team/1Goal Engagement

Achieve lasting results leveraging all available talent across your internal teams, vendors and consulting partners

CORPorate experience


You may know some of our friends…

"What is not understood cannot be managed."

"What is not experienced cannot be appreciated."

We are a group of business and technology leaders, Intrapreneurs, and life-long learners with extensive management, strategy, and execution experience from some of the top global corporations.

Traditional consultants are great when you can precisely specify outcomes, contain complexity, don't change your business requirements/expectations often, and have lesser surprises during the project execution.

But what if your situation is more like the roles we performed during our corporate careers? - Filled with opportunities, but hard to define exact specifics. Most transformative data initiatives are this way. 

Canned presentations do not matter, as much as creating a solution that works for your situation is critical. Listing past successes do not matter as much as having direct experience of successes and failures matter.

Experience with proposing solutions and walking away does not matter as much as providing answers, seeing them through execution, and supporting them in the field for an extended time under different conditions matter.

Prior experience working through all these with a changing market, shifting technology landscape, and amidst organizational cohesiveness and power struggles make it real.

The team at Khyanafi has been through such challenges and faced opportunities similar to what you have now. 

What unites us is our in-depth data and analytics leadership experience at several global corporations with a strong sense of situational reality and discerning practicality in our approach.

Driven by strategic innovation and continuous improvement, we are a team that never misses an opportunity to dive into complex and highly challenging problems.


If we are a good match for working together, we introduce you to one of our leaders who will partner with you to deliver on your aspirations. We assure you that we will not leave you to deal with junior-level, inexperienced people.



"Your problems and opportunities are not isolated."

"Your strategy and solutions shouldn't be either."

Experience is a great teacher. When you are in a position to see projects through from conception to implementation and beyond, it enables you to know why some projects work well while others fail to deliver on expectations.

We have our successes and failures. Based on that deep learning, we have defined the KHYANA5D model for Data, Analytics, and Digital programs. 

The basis for the model is our set of core beliefs:
  • All value-driving work within companies is interconnected.
  • Isolated efforts seldom yield results.
  • "Think global, act local" is very much real in this area.
  • Align with the four pillars - people, process, data and technology.
  • "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" does not work anymore.
  • Organizational design is fluid and different problems, and programs need different approaches to talent and team set-up.
  • Technology is only an enabler and will continuously change and evolve.
  • Lean, six-sigma, continuous improvement, mistake-proofing, process improvement, and strategic process innovation are not just for manufacturing firms alone; every company can benefit from these transferable ideas.
  • Governance and controls are not necessarily restrictive; when correctly set-up at optimal levels, they help prevent rework, avoid loss of goodwill, help improve productivity, and grow the business.


"Your talent pool may be from different companies, vendors, or geographic regions."

"What matters is that we work as a single team to deliver results."

Data leaders do not fail due to a lack of tools, technology, or infrastructure - enough is being invested in these.

When missteps occur, it is often a result of a combination of incorrect planning (assessment, prioritization, scoping, etc.), lack of right talent, absence of early wins, lower levels of executive or business user support, engagement, adoption, marketing, or a combination thereof.

This level of know-how is beyond technology or process knowledge. It is something that comes with direct experience dealing with situations like yours. 

Our outcome-focused 1-Team/1-Goal approach ensures we collaborate with your internal teams, vendors, and partners alike to achieve the goals set forth.

There is strength in diversity. When differences across the title, job function, employee, consultant, vendor, and geographic/location boundaries become unimportant, what remains is one team with a single goal.

This type of team can learn from each other, complement skills, bring varied experience, and move fast over hurdles that come up.

How do we know this process works?

We have used this many times during our corporate roles at varying levels of complexity, responsibility, authority, budget ownership, and span of influence.

This approach leverages every individual's inherent need on the project to contribute and learn for personal and team achievement.

We help you where conventional consulting doesn't work. 

Take the easy route with Corpsulting