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Start with your why. We did in our corporate roles. Below are some of the work we led during our corporate roles and the corpsulting engagements we do now.




Data and Analytics are a means to an end. The end usually sought after is about innovative products, increased process efficiency, reduced cost, increased sales, market-share and revenue, better return on capital, enhanced customer experience, effective management of risk/compliance  or attracting and retaining outstanding talent. These are some of our past/current work. 

Business Transformation
Advisory Services

Large global airlines - Data Engineering and Analytics

A large international airline company wanted to change the project delivery process, inject technology expertise in the front-lines and revamp and redesign their data and analytics organization.

Khyanafi was tasked with establishing a new model of engagement with business stakeholders, help with reorganization, and create efficiencies across the data architecture, DevOps, and analytics delivery pipeline.

Business Transformation
Data & Insights

Global building supplies manufacturer  - Data Platform 3.0

A global building supplies manufacturer and distributor wanted to create a new shared services division to handle data management and analytics across its global operating regions. The work involved consolidating resources and initiatives in the USA initially, before bringing in European, South American, and Australian regions into the common approach.

Khyanafi assisted the data leader with the analysis, planning, and integration work.

Business Transformation
Data Smoke-jumping

Large multi-brand fashion retailer Customer experience management

A large multi-brand retailer embarked on a journey to create a consolidated data and analytics program to drive campaign management, marketing analytics, customer experience, and optimized shipment operations to transform the way the company engaged with the customer.

The project was initiated under different leadership, with a 100% outsourced model. Khyanafi was engaged to help with managing the work in a multi-vendor environment, and assist the new data leader in defining and building an in-house data team along with integrating the data initiatives across the brands and consolidating customer data. 

Risk Regulatory
Chief Data Office

Large global bank - Consumer Bank Chief Data Office

Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS), in standard 239, specified 14 principles for effective risk data aggregation and risk reporting. The US FED mandated CCAR program has similar needs around data and reporting. Globally, European Community Bank (ECB) required stringent process controls for the treatment of data used in assessment and reporting risk.

Khyanafi's leaders led the build-out of the CDO organization from the ground-up. They hired senior leaders established multi-year data agenda, and delivered on the regulatory mandates across US and European entities' expectations while transforming the bank with enhanced data enablement, data literacy, and data quality practices.

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Business Transformation
Data Strategy

Large Global Bank - Integrated Data Management & Analytics Platform 

It is never an easy task to integrate data across six different lines of businesses and make it usable to a user community of over 10,000 people. 

When such an initiative was taken in a large global bank across the different business lines in its consumer and community banking division, several of Khyanafi's leaders were part of the assessment, planning, architecture, and integration work. 

In addition to combining data, the new platform helped sunset two large legacy data platforms migrate the workloads, and users to use the new analytics products. 

The approach also helped with improved marketing, risk assessment, and management, speed and transparency of pricing, enhanced customer support through digital channels, and efficient collections strategies across products.

Business Transformation
Situational Analysis

M&A - Post-Acquisition Integration of Student Lending Firm into Large Global Bank

To grow its student lending business portfolio, a large bank acquired a specialty finance company. 

The variations in company culture, business processes, systems, data platforms, and talent were challenging to manage, and the incoming business and technology leaders needed an accurate assessment and path forward for integration.

Khyanafi's leaders were engaged in helping with the assessment and recommendations activity. They were later retained on an extended basis for the planning and execution of integration of the two companies for all work related to data and analytics.

Risk Regulatory
Governance & Data Strategy

Large global bank - Auto Finance - Data Strategy, Analytics & Governance

The auto finance division of a large global bank, embarked on data strategy and analytics initiative sponsored by the Chief Risk Officer and Chief Marketing Officer. 

The business driver was the growing interest to improve profitability, reduce the cost of doing business, better manage risk, and enhance service levels across their dealership clients between dealer commercial services and retail loan groups.

Khyanafi's leaders established this new organization that comprised of Business Data Strategy, Reporting/Analytics, Data Enablement/Governance, and consolidated Data PMO/Demand Management.

In partnership with Technology leadership, a new data platform was built across the two divisions, comprising of 16 projects over 30 months with a budget of approx $32 million.

Business Transformation
Early Win

Large global bank - Mortgage Banking Default & Foreclosure -  Operations and Risk Analytics

When the mortgage crisis hit between 2007‐10, many internal functions were not prepared to handle the volume or complexity of the processes to manage large‐scale default and foreclosure activities.

It was hard to forecast default volume, monitor and process an active pipeline, effectively collaborate with attorneys, and extend timely help to customers through forbearance, modification, and short‐sales.

A new initiative in collaboration with the risk management leadership was planned and delivered in under four months time frame, that provided default risk analytics, enhanced servicing operations for foreclosure and real-estate-owned (REO) property management and rolled out to the Mortgage Servicing team.

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Business Transformation
Data Strategy

Large bank merger - Data & Analytics integration

During the financial crisis in 2008, a large global bank was asked to take over another large bank. There was a need to integrate consumer banking operations at the earliest to avoid significant disruption to the customers of the failing bank.

As members of the team that planned and executed this large-scale process and data/analytics integration, Khyanafi's leaders led the integration of chart-of-accounts mapping, branch-banking analytics, credit-decision engines, and risk/finance/operations reporting, and analytics functions.

Process Improvement
Business Diagnostics

Large global bank - Auto Finance - System integration, decision engine and data/analytics redesign

Post‐merger, two sets of loan origination and servicing systems existed for several years, forcing dealers to originate loans based on customers’ scores. The decision engines were separate, and re-scoring and counteroffers were difficult.

Increased strain on reporting and analytics functions caused wasted efforts, complex maintenance, avoidable delays, and incorrect metrics requiring significant re-validation.

Standardization on a single set of origination and servicing platform data model and attributes was implemented. Data delivery was integrated into the new decision engine with house‐holding information and on‐ us/off‐us pre‐calculated outstanding debt, including any in‐pipeline loan applications.

A new data platform with enhanced dealer‐level data across commercial and retail segments was established and along with reporting and analytics applications and elimination of risky user‐managed applications, with an overall annual investment of approximately $10M for three years.

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