Who We Are

This is an account of a journey from Intrapreneurship to Entrepreneurship

Our consulting leaders come with global corporate leadership experience

We are a group of Intrapreneurs with extensive management, strategy and execution leadership experience. Our network includes some of the top global companies and corporations across the industries we serve.

If only business leaders had the opportunity to work with consultants with real corporate leadership experience...

Executives, CxO’s and functional leaders are facing rising pressures to increase profitability and productivity while trying to successfully manage hundreds of moving pieces within their sphere of responsibility.

It is getting harder to keep up with such high demand in an ever-changing business scenario and still effectively provide leadership where it is required.

Why did we take this risk of leaving successful corporate careers and why now?

Some of us have worked together for over a decade or have been business partners for several years. A few of us have been friends for 30 years and are now coming together to do what we love professionally. Some members of our team are consultants who we engaged for our work in corporate roles, and some are exceptional professional referrals we received from people we trust.

Driven by strategic innovation and continuous improvement, we are a team that never misses an opportunity to dive into complex and highly challenging problems. We strive to enhance our appreciation for various industries, and we understand that every company, leader and team is unique. Our goal is to create lasting professional relationships, friendships, and above all, contribute to the success of the companies, teams and initiatives that we are a part of.

And, that is the story of Khyanafi

Our role will always be where the real action is - to work with the leaders and teams who are relentlessly striving to make a lasting impact on their companies, customers, employees and shareholders through this great self-expression called work.

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