Strategic Innovation. Continuous Improvement. Mistake-Proofing.
Process Improvement is the Path Forward

Process Improvement

Companies, functional leaders, managers and teams need to continually innovate, improvise and redefine in order to continue providing value to their internal and external customers.

Our approach to process improvement combines Responsive and Active Strategies.

Responsive Strategies are needed when parameters in other areas such as business strategy, regulatory concerns, customer preference or market conditions trigger changes to your existing processes.

Active Strategies involve periodic self-evaluation to assess existing processes, identify opportunities for change, eliminate manual processes or wasteful hand-offs, provide better controls and automate processing capabilities. 

Performance Improvement

Measuring business performance is critical to managing and growing an outstanding company or institution. Effectively managing a company requires a small set of core metrics that align with the following:

    • Metrics must be carefully vetted for relevance, coverage, depth and reliable impact on business activity being measured.
    • Metrics must have non-ambiguous owner, definition, calculation, timeline, dimensionality, filter conditions, usage scenarios, source information, lineage, metadata and quality factors clearly documented and available for decision makers.
    • Business analysis for understanding extended impact of these metrics on other business functions, processes, and outcomes for improvement or mitigation efforts.

Khyanafi ensures the metrics you track will adequately affect your business. We suggest process or performance improvement strategies and work with your teams to continuously improve or transform your company.

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