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Whether your situation requires 1 or 10 people with know-how, our unique approach will help with your exciting opportunities and troublesome challenges. 



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Scenario-based offerings focused on rapidly transitioning you in to your role, getting early wins to gain the confidence of your peers, team, sponsors, and stakeholders and to enable you to build a lasting future-focused data culture.

What did I inherit in my new role, and what challenges exists?

Rapid Transition

Understanding where you are is as important as knowing where you want to go.  We help you get clarity on your role inheritance and accelerate transition. 

Situational Analysis saves companies and careers when done right.

A sound sense of situational awareness is vital to leadership decision making.  

As the incoming data leader, you must know three things about your inheritance:

  1. Context (what is happening)
  2. Circumstance (what has happened)
  3. Consequence (what could happen)

When you add the right perception to this, you will be able to make the right decisions. This program runs 8-16 weeks depending on how company size, complexity, and level of details covered.


We provide you with insightful assessment and recommendations on your situation across five different areas based on our KHYANA5D method, part of our Corpsulting Approach

How can I quickly deliver value while building the program?

Your Early Win

End-to-end execution of a highly visible initiative that delivers an early win and is relevant to your current scenario.

Winning is contagious. 

An early win sets the tone for success for any data and analytics initiative. 

It builds confidence and helps garner support for the program among peers, stakeholders, sponsors, champions, and within your team. 

While you are focusing on defining the strategic vision, and building your team, we help you identify low-investment-high-return-opportunities (LIHRO) and lead planning through execution and roll-out through adoption for your first win.

Is there some way I can accelerate the execution of data projects?

Chief Data Office Accelerator

A dedicated team of 3 - 5 people to work with you to ensure that you are off to a great start.

Your window to create an impact is between 6-24 months.

A data and analytics leader's job is one of the toughest in the market now. You are facing heightened expectations, considerable challenges, and an abundance of opportunities.

If you are to make the best use of available time to create lasting results, you need to create parallel threads of work where you can. 

To do that, you need people with know-how, along with the real experience of having done it. 

You cannot clone yourself or your best employees. Luckily, you have us. Let's build your future together.

How can you help with my data leadership challenges now?

Data Smokejumping

Help right now, where you need it the most - across tactical issues or strategic planning.

Data programs can be complicated and hard, but success need not be left to chance. 

You are juggling a lot of priorities. You inherited a program that started before you joined, and decisions were already taken. There is an internal team, and you have consulting vendors already.

Some parts are working well, and some are failing. The unknowns are numerous, and you need practical, experienced help to navigate right and deliver results.

We get it. We are often sought out to help with situations like this.

Sometimes, we take on the role of interim leaders to drive the work across multiple teams. In other cases, we partner with the existing leadership to focus on building capabilities that do not exist now.

Our prior corporate data leadership experience helps us to jump into your most difficult situations, manage challenges, early-on, and deep into your programs.

How can we find opportunities to grow the business with data?

Business Diagnostics

Helping you uncover answers to those difficult questions you already have or yet to ask.

 Your most significant opportunities or challenges are often found in the unknowns.

Some business questions do not have easy answers. Sometimes, even asking the right question is hard. Knowing where to start is a skill that comes with experience.

Analyzing the symptoms may not yield results. We need to get to the underlying cause. That could be anywhere across the business-technology value-chain. 

It takes someone who can work across the hierarchy from CXO to the sales rep, from CIO to analyst, from systems to data and from business processes to risk controls. 

It is not easy to find these people. It needs a different set of skills. Luckily, we have a few people with this rare talent on our team, ready to help you. 

Talk to us if you need help with your unknowns. What you don't know can cause more damage if not addressed in time.

How do we manage data and analytics in an M&A scenario?

M&A Data Strategy

Let us help you fast-track bringing the data and analytics together to function as one company.

If managing one company's data is hard, handling two in parallel can seem impossible. The sooner you bring them together the better. 

Managing the data and analytics needs in an M&A situation is hard. It is complicated, involves many people, processes, technologies, and data aspects along with unrealistic timelines and expectations.

Why? Because the decisions were made for financial or market reasons with minimal or no data due diligence and while learning by experimenting is good, it can be painful. 

Our team has been through several acquisitions, reverse mergers, mega-mergers, private equity buy-outs, and have supported securitization and capital market functions during our corporate careers.

Talk to us to explore how we can help. You may find just the right partner you are looking for.

We Help You Where Conventional Consulting Doesn't Work.