The right talent can only deliver great results if they are enabled to work efficiently. Give your data organization the proper set-up and support to maximize outcome.



How Do You Benefit From A Fluid Data Organization?

Getting the right talent into the team is only the first step towards thriving with data.

The right set-up, a.k.a organizational structure, is required to enable fruitful results. Modern organizations are fluid. The company priorities, customer needs, and market drivers change, and your corporate design must adapt to accommodate and leverage those changes.

We see so many companies relying on external consulting firms to assist with organizational design. It is not the wrong approach.

The problem is who is providing the advice? How can someone with zero/minimal experience leading, establishing, and running a data organization help with that aspect for your company?

The organization structure is unique to your situation. Consider your current challenges and opportunities, available talent, internal acceptance, and several other factors to design something that will work for you.

Off-the-shelf models will not work and will delay or derail your data aspirations.

If you are asking if there is an alternative, there is.

We have over 2+ decades of experience setting up large/medium data/analytics organizations at global and regional corporations. Put that experience to your benefit.

Let Us Work together to co-design your data organization.

Create Efficiencies. Nurture Talent. Build the Second Line.

Focus Areas

Every company's situation is different. Here are some ways we have helped other companies, and you could be next. Many of these are remote advisory services.

Design Data Organization

When you are attempting to create a new data organization that will be empowered and chartered to transform and grow the company with data, analytics, and insights.

Redesign Data Organization

When you need to split/merge  teams and functions to create efficiencies, reshuffle leadership, or create increased alignment. Or maybe you lost/promoted a key leader and now need to redesign. 

Post-M&A Org. Integration

There is great opportunity to add talent after a merger/acquisition. The challenge is in understanding your inheritance, identifying strengths of the combined team, and setting them up for success. 

Redefine Data Processes 

As people move, priorities change, and skills/technology evolve, there is a need to revisit the process flow around data work. Enable rapid delivery and agility from intake to consumption.

Succession Planning

Every leader must invest in building a capable second line. That is possible with enabling stretch engagements, increasing organizational ownership along with sound mentoring.

Accelerated Development

If you do not offer opportunities for learning and a clear growth path, your talented rising stars will leave. Leverage our expertise to mentor, coach, and develop talent to higher levels of responsibility.