Finding the right data leaders and data experts doesn't have to be hard.
You just need a partner with the relevant experience.



Are you tired of being let down by generic executive search and do-it-all recruiting firms?

Ask any Business/Technology leader or CxO, and they will have their account of data/analytics nightmares and success-stories to narrate.

So, what determines success with data-driven transformation and growth?

You already know about them:

  • Executive sponsorship & support
  • Clear vision/direction
  • Peer-leadership engagement 
  • Incremental business value creation through continuous improvement and agile delivery
  • A talented team of individuals

In particular, having the right talent working with the various teams and stakeholders brings it together, because of great talent bridges vision and outstanding results.

But, why are you surprised when the search is taking longer, or you don't find the right candidate, when you work with search firms with no direct experience managing data initiatives, building teams, hiring the right talent, or creating the right data organization?

If you are wondering if there is a better way, there is.

We would be your ideal hire for some of the data leadership roles you are seeking to fill. 

The problem is, we are not for hire. 

But you have another option. Let us help you hire your next data leader or data specialist. 

Our decades of experience in defining and building data teams, hiring the right people for the challenging roles, and enabling their growth and outcome through dedicated grooming and mentoring are now available for you to use as you build your data program. 

Work with us to hire your data leaders and specialists.

Three Options. One Goal. Hire Your Best.

Retained/Engagement/Contingency Search

The right Data Leaders and Data Specialists can change the way your business leverages data to achieve market differentiation, continued sustainability, and growth.

The most compelling data leaders and data specialists are not always hanging out on social media, participating in conferences, or publishing thought-leadership articles.

From our own experience, this is either due to lack of time, interest, or organizational expectations that prevent them from becoming too visible for the work they do within the company.

You need someone with real experience identifying hidden talent and validating their suitability for your specific scenario.

Do you want to hand-off this critical role of finding your future talent to executive recruiters with no direct experience managing data initiatives and transformation?

Talk to us for fresh perspectives and unconventional ideas. You will find a partner with know-how and perception who can help you hire that much-needed data talent.

Interview Process and Second-Opinion

This option is for you if your existing search is carried out by your internal recruiting team or an external retained search firm.

Working with us to provide that much-required evaluation layer, we will partner with your recruiters and hire outstanding talent to fill your most critical data/analytics roles.

Internal Talent Identification and Development

Hire internally or look outside? A question that comes up when hiring for most senior hires.

Not an easy question always. The first response is usually 'it depends.' A lot depends on you getting the hiring right. Culture, timeline, availability, candidate groom-ability/promotability, internal politics, organization, location, and compensation-related challenges - the list goes on.

Data leadership is a combination of many things. Technology and Business expertise only make up about 50-70% of the needs. Often the challenges are centered around working across the teams and getting execution and adoption right.

We have coached, mentored, developed, and promoted data leaders and data specialists during our corporate careers. We strongly advise you to consider that option first, before you look outside the company for that missing talent.

Need help deciding or planning an approach to do it?

Go ahead and schedule a call, and we can start exploring unconventional ideas for your situation.