Company Overview

What is not UNDERSTOOD cannot be MANAGED.

What is not EXPERIENCED cannot be APPRECIATED.

Prakash Baskar
Founder & President, Khyanafi

We were you. And we wanted to create a different kind of consulting firm.

The Khyanafi team's experience as CxOs who engaged with a number of consulting firms showed us that there are some serious shortcomings in the traditional model. Namely, any case where the consultants were required to partner and collaborate at higher levels, work across organizational boundaries, or own and drive any chunk of work for a period of time.

Some of the most frequently faced issues were:

    • Most firms were generally hired for specific work items
    • Awareness of typical challenges, work organization, and impact of the work on other functions and external parties was lacking
    • Ability to identify the "big-picture" effects of project work in the larger context of the company was completely missing
    • Ability to step-up and take charge of projects and priorities was non-existant - these are learned capabilities that come with experience, and specialty work usually does not provide that learning
    • Strategy suggestions ignored realistic ground state problems, maturity level, cultural aspects, and probability of successful execution... in short, they were a waste of time, money and resources

At Khyanafi, we have developed a hybrid model of consulting which leverages the benefits of traditional consulting while avoiding its usual short-comings 

Our solution:

    • Engage our senior-level consulting directors as point-of-contact with our client leaders. Khyanafi consultants have prior experience leading and managing complex Business-Technology initiatives within global corporations. We can provide effective partnership with CxO’s and functional leaders because we have been in your position before or supported someone like you. We are better able to listen, understand, and appreciate your challenges and also dream of potential possibilities.
    • Partner with the best niche / speciality consulting firms in specific fields, and bring them to our clients as needed
    • Partner with tools and technology vendors around the world, while managing relationships at the highest levels to ensure we provide the needed expertise while drawing on outstanding distributed talent as surge needs come up

We deliver real business benefits through a comprehensive partnership.
You can trust our partnership to encompass the spectrum of Ideation to Strategy to Solutions to Execution

We do not give you a 100+ page deck and leave - we work with you to bring your ideas to reality